Anna Ella Carroll

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Miss Anna Ella Carroll is the head of the Carroll race, and when the history of this war is written, she will stand a good bit taller than ever old Charles did.”

- Abraham Lincoln 




Miss Anna Ella Carroll of Maryland I venture to present her to you, first, as an unquestionable lady of the highest personal standing and family connection; second, as a person of superior mind, highly cultivated, especially with the solids of American literature, political history, and constitutional law; third, of strong will, indomitable courage, and patient labor. Guided by the light of her own understanding, she seeks truth among the mixed materials of other minds, and having found it, maintains it against all obstacles...”

- Edward Bates
U. S. Attorney General 1861 - 1864


Newly Released book by the author of Great Necessities: The Life, Times, and Writings of Anna Ella Carroll, 1815-1894

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Lincoln's Loyal Lady: Anna Ella Carroll - a Brief by C. Kay Larson

Civil War Veterans
Shortly after her death, usually on her birthday, Union Veterans from around the eastern shore began gathering at her graveside to honor her all she had done; over time as their numbers dwindled they were joined by veterans of other wars including members of the DAR. This observance to honor Anna Ella Carroll continued for almost 70 years.


"The Case for Anna Ella Carroll"

For more than sixty years, American scholars have tried to deny Anna Ella Carroll any role in the Tennessee River campaign, defined as the combined movement of army and naval forces south through the Tennessee River Valley in February 1862, commanded by BG Ulysses S. Grant and Flag Officer Andrew Hull Foote, that resulted in the capture of Confederate Forts Henry and Donelson on February 6 and 16, respectively. As MG William T. Sherman stated, these were the “first real” victories for the Union in the Civil War...

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